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  • Where is the a taxi rank at Madeira Airport?
    Finding the taxi rank at Madeira Airport is a straightforward process. Madeira Airport, also known as Funchal Airport, is located in Portugal's autonomous Madeira region. The airport consists of one terminal building and passengers can make their way easily to the ground floor for access to public transport options, including taxis. The taxi rank at Madeira Airport can be found outside the Arrivals area of the terminal building (the Ground Floor). All major international flights arrive directly at this main terminal – there are no smaller national or regional terminals at this airport. Once you have collected any checked baggage items and cleared passport control (if applicable), head to the far end of the arrival hall where signs indicate ground transportation outside – such as car rental companies and taxis. Taxis generally line up in a single line along one side of the designated space. They will have large ‘TAXI’ signs prominently displayed on their vehicles whilst parked in queue so you should not be able to miss them! You can choose any available cab from this rank but it’s recommended that you only use licensed operators with recognizable symbols adorning their cars - like Funchal Taxi or Andrade & Alves Taxi Services who both operate from here. For timesaving reasons, many visitors opt to pre-book a transfer service before they arrive, thus avoiding any confusion or potentially long queues when touchdown occurs!
  • How much is a Taxi from Madeira Airport to Funchal?
    Taking a taxi from Madeira airport to Funchal is likely going to cost around 30€ and should take no more than 20 minutes, depending on traffic. If you have more than two pieces of luggage, it may be an additional 2-4€ per bag. It is usually recommended that travelers pre-book their taxi if they are arriving at the airport late at night or early in the morning when fewer taxis are available. The official fare from the Madeira Airport (FNC) to Funchal city center is 30€ and this includes up to four people with normal-sized suitcases. Every extra piece of luggage costs 2-4€ extra and every additional person costs 6-7 € extra. The taximeter will increase depending on the traffic due to roadworks or rush hour periods. You can also book a transfer online ahead of time for 20€ (one way), which may be less expensive if you’re traveling with multiple people or bags as there will be no charge for additional passengers or luggage beyond what fits in one vehicle. This can save you both time and money, so it's always worth considering pre-booking your transfer before your trip even begins!