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First Choice – First Choice is now flying with Thomson Airways but is still pricing it’s holidays separately. First Choice have a UK exclusive on the Vivenda Avista Navios Apartments.

Expedia – Well worth a look since they contract their own hotels and so often have different prices and availability to what you find elsewhere. You can book hotel only or flight+hotel. Good range of Funchal hotels.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Madeira ?

As Funchal is most popular with couples than families there is a less distinct seasonality pattern affecting package and hotel prices than say Menorca or Mallorca. There are often good deals in the last week of August, in the period before Christmas in January and in May.

When to book a late deal to Funchal, Madeira ?

This varies each year and depends on how much flight capacity has gone into the resort, typically you can start looking for a late deal around six weeks before your intended flying date. Prices do go up as well as down, so if you see a holiday that seems like a good deal book it. As soon as tour operators see bookings coming up they tend to tease the prices up again. If you are building your own flight + hotel deal for example using easyJet (you can do that on this website), you should book before the flight prices start rising which can mean you are better off booking earlier than for a normal late deal – eight weeks before but there’s no harm in looking.