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The tropical city of Funchal is located on the South coast of Madeira. Funchal as a holiday destination offers many attractions such as old palaces and mansions, great scenery and dining in addition to subtropical gardens, along with quaint restaurants and bars for food and drink.

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Rather than simply listing all hotels in Funchal, we aim to showcase the best properties that are most popular with British guests.

Funchal Information

Funchal is the capital of Madeira and home to a myriad of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. There are many exclusive shoe and clothes boutiques. If you want a change from the bustling centre, you can go to any of the beautiful parks in Funchal, the pearl of which is the botanical gardens which offer a breathtaking view over the city and the sea and features over 2000 types of plants.

Madeira is dominated by stunning scenery with steep cliffs and lush greenery, beautiful hiking trails, cute little mountain villages and a charming, hilly and colorful capital – Funchal. This lively city mixes main shopping streets with quiet streets and in the spring bloom glorious flowers and plants such as Bougainvillia, Hydrangea, Lily and Strelitzia.

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  • How many days should I spend in Madeira?
    If you’re looking to explore Madeira, we recommend spending at least seven days there. A trip of seven days will give you enough time to visit some of the island’s most renowned attractions, such as Cabo Girão Skywalk and Cabo de São Vicente. Additionally, if you plan on visiting any popular towns or villages during your stay, like Funchal or Porto Santo Island, then seven days is particularly advised in order to truly appreciate all that they have to offer. For a more relaxed holiday in Madeira however, ten days would be preferable – allowing for plenty of sightseeing without having to cram so much into each day. This gives travelers the opportunity to take things at their own pace and really immerse themselves in the stunning views and unique culture which this Portuguese archipelago has become famous for over the years. Whether indulging in spectacular hikes through awe-inspiring landscapes or enjoying leisurely strolls through picturesque fishing villages – a ten-day holiday could easily provide both relaxation and adventure throughout your time here!
  • What is the best part of Madeira to stay in?
    The best place to stay when visiting Madeira is Funchal. This stunning city is the capital of the archipelago and offers a mix of natural beauty, nightlife, and culture. It's conveniently located on the south coast and has a wide selection of accommodation options such as hotels, apartments, resorts, etc. You can also consider Caniço as a more affordable option with plenty to offer in terms of attractions. It's situated directly east of Funchal below Monte Palace Tropical Garden and enjoys views out towards Desertas Islands Nature Reserve – an incredible protected area home to some seriously rare species. If you're looking for luxurious lodgings then head over to Porto Santo Island - it sits to the northeast of Madeira itself and houses some amazing 5-star establishments for those seeking something special during their time away from home! Other popular places include Machico (for its spectacular old town) or Calheta (with its warm beaches). Ultimately though no matter which one you pick overall experience will be unforgettable!