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Madeira car hire

Madeira car hire is available from so many suppliers these days from car rental companies direct such as Avis, Europcar & Hertz to car rental brokers such as holiday autos and then there’s the online travel agencies such as opodo and ebookers. That’s why we were pleased to be able to offer you the ultimate Funchal / Madeira car hire search.

One search checks Funchal car hire prices from over 20 car hire booking websites and displays the results in an easy to see format where you can filter cars by size and facilities such as air conditioning. Best of all there are no extra charges – you just go off and book with your prefered (the cheapest?) offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is driving in Madeira difficult?
    Driving in Madeira is a great experience! It's definitely not difficult to drive on the roads there if you take proper precautions and use common sense. Most of the roads in Madeira are well-maintained and are kept in good condition, so navigating them will be easy. The motorways and highways throughout the region also have an excellent surface, meaning that driving over them will be smooth. In addition, most streets are clearly marked with signs for fast and efficient navigation. Since Madeiran drivers are usually very aware of their surroundings and follow road rules appropriately, it can feel quite peaceful when driving through the area. Plus, there’s usually plenty of space between cars due to low traffic levels—especially during non-peak periods such as night time or early morning hours. Be sure to pay attention to any speed limits posted around certain areas though; they’re enforced by police officers who often patrol around certain tourist spots like popular beaches or tourist attractions just outside of townships for safety reasons. Parking is also relatively straightforward due to parking lots being plentiful within city centers as well as along major routes leading out from townships into rural areas - so no need to worry about running out of spaces either! In conclusion, driving in Madeira should prove not at all difficult if you remain mindful while getting behind the wheel!
  • Is it best to rent a car in Madeira?
    Renting a car on Madeira Island is an excellent way to enjoy and explore the beauty of Portugal. Not only does it provide you with more freedom of movement, but also a unique experience that cannot be found in other destinations. Madeira's roads are mostly narrow and windy due to its mountainous terrain, which means renting a car might be your best option for getting around. With access to public buses or taxis being somewhat limited, you have the opportunity to reach some sites off the beaten path that can’t be accessed by these forms of transportation - places like Pico Ruivo Mountain peak with its breathtaking views or Camara de Lobos fishing village where you can soak up traditional culture. Plus, renting a car allows you more time since you don't need to wait on what could potentially unreliable bus schedules or hope for vacant taxis in busy times. When considering renting a car in Madeira, there are certain points worth keeping in mind. There are many rental companies located both at Funchal Airport (FNC) and throughout the island with varying prices depending on vehicle size and age; make sure you compare them before making your booking. You would typically need an international driving permit along with your driver's license if from outside Europe; check whether this applies when booking online or simply ask directly as most companies accept contracts via email anyway (for instance AutoTur). Additionally note that there are tolls around Funchal so prepare cash beforehand as they don’t usually take card payments nor do they issue receipts! Last thing: keep an eye out for parking spots since parking is quite limited especially during high season months! Overall, rentng a car in Madeira provides travelers flexibility and convenience while still giving them plenty of opportunities to discover hidden gems often missed otherwise - if done wisely it will definitely enhance any visit made here!